For those unaware of the Microsoft price increase 2023, from April 1st the monthly licensing fee will increase by 9%.
This comes one year after the New Commerce Experience was launched with the intention of simplifying licensing.
Microsoft also announced that they’ll be reviewing the pricing twice a year, taking into consideration currency changes between local areas and the US.
How will this price change affect you? We’ve put together a quick FAQ to answer your concerns.

Why is this happening?

Starting this year, Microsoft plans to introduce a more defined and transparent approach to their commercial licensing division. Partners and customers working with local currencies will be able to plan for pricing changes twice a year, subject to market conditions.

How can I avoid the Microsoft price increase 2023?

If you manage to secure a 12 month agreement with an MSP on or before March 31st 2023.

If I signed up to NCE, am I exempt?

This Microsoft price increase 2023comes into effect once your current licensing agreement is over. If you set up a new licence agreement before 1 April 2023, the price increase will not affect you for another year.

What licences does it impact?

This impacts all Microsoft licences, but all will increase at a flat rate of 9%. So do not confuse it with the NCE price changes in February last year.

What do I do if my agreement ends after the deadline?

Get in touch with a member of our team today and we’ll help you avoid the price increase a little longer.
It’s worth noting that in spite of this price increase, Microsoft is priced competitively considering everything it offers. They’ve reassured partners and customers that this increase will help them continually reinvest in the company and provide innovative solutions to modern working issues.

Need new Microsoft Licences?

Avoid the price increase for another year. Guve us a call today to discuss your licensig options. Alternatively, complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch within one working day.