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We sell cost-effective licences for SAP Business Objects Enterprise, SAP Business Objects Edge, and SAP Lumira.

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Best-Value SAP Business Objects Licences UK


SAP BO Licences: Enterprise, Edge, Lumira

SAP BO Enterprise Licences

This enterprise-grade SAP Business Objects Enterprise is incredibly scalable, allowing up to tens of thousands of users. Licensing models depend on two metrics: concurrent sessions and named users.

As well as advising on the optimal selection for your business structure and goals, our team provides a Support and Maintenance Package specifically for SAP Business Objects.

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SAP BO Edge Licences

Mid-size companies can choose SAP Business Objects Edge, a lower-cost licence with similar levels of functionality to the full SAP Business Objects Platform. The entry-level price is based on 10 Named Users.

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SAP Lumira Licences

This on-premise or cloud solution offers insights through self-service BI discovery and visualisation. There are three licences for creating more complete pictures of data, producing interactive visualisations, and integrated within SAP Business Objects Suite.

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Self-Service SAP Business Objects Suite: Benefits

Complete solution: explore, report, and share in one integrated offering

Self-service access: empower employees with reliable data for fast decision-making

Flexible and scalable: grows with your business, up to tens of thousands of users

Extensive suite: business intelligence applications to highlight unique insights

High-volume delivery: distribute content, even throughout a very large organisation

Integrated SAP BI Licences: SAP BO Features

SAP Business Objects is an integrated suite of BI solutions, including reporting, analytics, visualisations, and data integration tools. As a long-term SAP Gold Partner, Influential Software offers the most cost-effective range of SAP Business Objects licences.

With the right SAP Business Objects licence, businesses can:

  • understand trends and root causes of business phenomena
  • use analytics to assess risk, improve efficiencies, and pinpoint opportunities
  • identify trends and outliers from within Microsoft Excel
  • share findings in live Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

SAP Business Objects Licences: SAP Gold Partner Services

Influential Software is an SAP Reseller with SAP Gold Partner and PCoE status.

Influential Software’s consultancy services integrate the pillars of strategy management: goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators.

As SAP partners with 25 years of experience in the sector, we have the experience and expertise to meet understand your business needs and deliver the software that fits.

As well as SAP licences, our team also offers in-house technical expertise in application life cycle management, security services, business consulting services, and any other SAP-related service offerings.

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