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HULFT Licences: Transfer, Integrate, Director

HULFT Director: this powerful data management platform sits at the centre of HULFT, providing web-based central management for HULFT Integrate and HULFT Transfer.

HULFT Integrate: this solution simplifies your enterprise data architecture, removing the unnecessary labour and human errors of complex integrations and providing a simple drag-and-drop interface in place of thousands of lines of code.

HULFT Transfer: this data transfer solution provides for inter-cloud service transfers, large data capacity, and transfer stability, with transfers up to six times faster than FTP. Influential Software’s HULFT consultants can advise businesses on the best combination of licences for each use case.

HULFT Integrate & HULFT Transfer

HULFT Integrate Licences: Enterprise Data Architecture

Simplify your enterprise data architecture with the following benefits:

  • what used to take thousands of lines of code is now a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • reduces human error and frees time for more valuable tasks
  • adaptors for databases, networks, files, cloud, applications, groupware, SDK, and middleware
  • reduced order processing times
  • standardised interface development
  • scaled user quantities, with minimum extra cost
  • increased accuracy of pricing and accounting
  • greater employee productivity

HULFT Transfer Licences: Fast Data Transfer

Leverage fast data transfer with the following benefits:

  • six times faster than FTP transfers
  • top-level encryption and authentication
  • easy to configure and modify from central management
  • simple to design and automate your processes
  • removed need for manual data compilation
  • increased international data sharing
  • streamlined operations
  • automated detection of data transmission errors

HULFT UK Partner Influential Software - HULFT Licences

HULFT comprises three data logistics solutions – Integrate, Transfer, and Director – that find, secure, organise, transform, and move the business data that matters most.

Our HULFT UK Partner status is proof of our hands-on knowledge of HULFT in real business situations.

Acting as impartial consultants, Influential Software provides the objectivity your business needs when making software investments.

In addition, we offer full services to make sure your software is perfectly configured and supported, so you get the maximum return.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our HULFT licence team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased consultation
  • tailored services
  • competitive pricing

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