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IBM SPSS Licences | Best Value Partner | Buyalicence UK
IBM SPSS Licensing | Buyalicence UK

Powerful IBM SPSS Licence Solutions

IBM SPSS offers advanced analysis for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Transform your business data with IBM SPSS’s proven benefits:

✔ drive revenue growth with in-depth financial analysis

✔ check assumptions and reach conclusions based on trusted data

✔ forecast and plan with hypothesis testing and predicting analytics

✔ accelerate research using algorithms and text analysis

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Understand IBM SPSS Licensing

IBM SPSS is available as an on-premises subscription, priced per user per month.

Two variants are available for different use cases: IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeller.

Statistics – Base

• read/write text, Excel, SAS, and more; no size limits
• descriptive statistics, data prep, and graphing
• programmability/extensibility; supports R/Python
• bivariate statistics procedures, factor and cluster analysis
• linear and ordinal regression
• basic reporting with export to Microsoft/PDF

Statistics – Standard

All Base features plus:
• linear, non-linear, ordinal, logistic and 2SLS regression
• drag and drop interactive tables with export to Microsoft/PDF
• generalised linear modelling and survival analysis
• Bayesian statistics

Statistics – Professional

All Standard features plus:
• Bayesian statistics, advanced data preparation, decision trees, and forecasting
• single/multiple missing value imputation

Statistics – Premium

All Professional features plus:
• exact tests, complex sampling, bootstrapping, SEM

Modeler – Professional

• data access and export without data size limits
• automatic data prep, wrangling, ETL, ad-hoc queries
• 40+ base machine learning algorithms, auto-modelling
• R & Python extensibility, Python scripting
• geospatial analytics
• Python algorithms natively available without code, including XGBoost
• integration with Decision Optimisation
• extendable with in-database mining, SQL pushback
• extendable with model management, version control, champion/challenger, A/B testing
• works with IBM SPSS Analytic Server for hadoop/spark

Modeler – Premium

All Professional features plus:
• highly customisable text analytics and language identifier

Modeler – Gold

All Premium features plus:
• C&DS (Collaboration and Deployment Services)
• ability to deploy in batch and real-time
• SQL pushback
• model management and version control
• champion challenger A/B testing

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