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For over 25 years we’ve grown official partnerships with some of the world’s leading software providers.
We are uniquely placed to provide your business with the best-value software licences for maximum ROI.

Our range includes Business Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud SoftwareData Integration, and Data Management.

Beyond licences: our software services include consultancy, development, hosting, deployment, and training.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence Licences

Use the world’s premier analytics solutions to turn real-time data into accurate insights, so you can transform your processes and services.
Our expertise in a wide range of business analytics and BI tools gives us a distinct advantage. The Influential Software team can select, combine, and customise these solutions for maximum effect in your business situation.

Data Integration Licences

Businesses are taking on increasing numbers of APIs, cloud solutions, and IoT-connected devices.
We work with leading vendors to bring you integration solutions that give a 360-degree view of your business and the customer.

Data Transfer Licences

Transfer sizes are growing and data regulations are changing at a rapid rate. This makes it all the more important for businesses to choose a trusted file transfer solution.

Content Management Systems

SharePoint, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange are some of the most-used tools for content collaboration.
By ensuring their connectivity and security, businesses get their full value and avoid damaging losses.

Enterprise Resource Planning & Enterprise Management

Before you can improve business processes, first you must understand them.
ERP solutions give the objectivity that enterprises need to make strategic decisions.

Human Resources Software

Locating and retaining the best human capital is more vital than ever. With a solution that covers all aspects of the HR lifecycle, you can ensure that all processes are fast, automated, agile, and error free.

Marketing Software – Cloud Licences

Effective marketing relies on meaningful data. To understand customers, you need to know their past, present, and future behaviours. Just as importantly, your marketing solution should integrate with all business processes.

Premier Software Licences with Expert Services

Every business is unique, and every business deserves a carefully selected, expertly tailored solution.

Our team prides itself on business software licensing and services that are:

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