IBM is a long established leader in the SaaS space with a diverse range of IBM licence types. The wide variety of options can sometimes mean that business owners struggle to find the ideal one for them. If you’re new to IBM software, you might want to start your digital transformation journey by reading this.

In this article, we’ll go over the pros of our different licensing options, alongside the challenges most end users experience when they’re trying to understand the different capabilities.

Statement of {dis}interest

When reading articles like this, it’s fairly reasonable to question the intentions behind it. That’s why we wanted to declare our interest up front: we’re an IBM partner.
But…we’re also independently owned, and have the pleasure of working with other SaaS companies: SAP, Microsoft, Boomi, and more. This is the reason why we attract hundred of clients of all shapes and sizes – we put them first, not our partners.
So while we might have our finger in the IBM pie, you can trust us to present the pros and cons of them with complete impartiality.

IBM Planning Analytics

Available in both cloud and on-premise. IBM planning analytics is ideal for planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and scorecarding.
Allowing you to create timely and trusted plans, budgets, and forecasts. Test assumptions and compare options with a detailed “what-if” analysis.
Integrate your finance, sales, supply chain, operations, HR and more


IBM SPSS brings advanced analysis options for companies of all shapes and sizes.

  • drive revenue growth with in-depth financial analysis
  • check assumptions and reach conclusions based on trusted data
  • forecast and plan with hypothesis testing and predicting analytics
  • accelerate research using algorithms and text analysis
There’s 7 different SPSS licences to choose from, so we highly reccomend browsing here


Cognos Analytics licences

The self-service capabilities of this platform allow users to build their own dashboards, reports and score cards in an accessible, intuitive, and secure way.
Create compelling visualisations with AI-infused BI.


  • unearth hidden insights with automated pattern detection
  • create and share system-recommended visualisations across teams
  • search data quickly with natural language search and response

Cognos Cloud

Scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs in the IBM cloud.

Cognos Analytics Cloud is an enterprise grade BI software as a service with the ability accelerate your business intelligence with IBM CA on Cloud’s proven benefits:

  • harness your data and assets quickly with AI and machine learning
  • explore hidden patterns and relationships to drive smart decisions
  • start right away with automates data preparation and intuitive experiences
  • create stunning visualisation in varied formats to share across teams



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