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SAP Reseller: Licence Models

With SAP, there are three variables that affect functionality and cost:

Within these variables are important details such as user types, user numbers, number of employees, support services, and licence components.

Given the multiple factors at play, businesses can get a real head start by contacting a trusted SAP reseller to discuss their requirements.

SAP Analytics and Business Intelligence Licences

Influential Software provides the most cost-effective SAP Business Objects licences


SAP Business Objects: the enterprise-grade SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise is incredibly scalable, allowing up to tens of thousands of users.

Licensing models depend on two metrics: concurrent sessions and named users. As well as advising on the optimal selection for your business structure and goals, our team provides a Support and Maintenance Package specifically for SAP Business Objects.

Find out more about SAP Business Objects licence sales.

SAP Business Objects Edge is ideal for mid-size companies, offering a lower-cost licence with similar levels of functionality to the full SAP Business Objects Platform. The entry-level price is based on 10 Named Users.

Find out more about our SAP Business Objects Edge licence sales.

SAP Analytics Cloud has two licensing models: the planning model and the BI model.

While the planning model has full planning model capabilities, the business intelligence model allows users to view planning models only.

Find out more about our SAP Analytics Cloud licence sales.

SAP Predictive Analytics is a perpetual licence with three models for enterprise, for SME, and with modeller functionality.

Find our more about our SAP Predictive Analytics licence sales.

SAP Digital Transformation

Influential provides the most cost-effective SAP Leonardo licences.

SAP Leonardo: this innovation platform empowers businesses to unlock the potential of machine learning, IoT, blockchain, analytics, Big Data, and data intelligence.


Composed of multiple cloud components, the licensing models for SAP Leonardo vary by each combination of elements. There are also packaged solutions available for specific industry uses, including:

  • logistics
  • telecommunications
  • sports and entertainment
  • utilities
  • oil and gas
  • mining
  • chemicals
  • retail
  • life sciences
  • consumer products
  • industrial machinery and components
  • high tech
  • automotive

Find out more about our SAP Leonardo licence sales.


SAP Cloud Platform: this platform of services and tools comes in two main formats: subscription and consumption.

Find out more about our SAP Cloud Platform licence sales.

With the subscription model, users choose the particular services that will be required and pay a monthly fee.

With the consumption model, users pay for any and all services they use, with no limits to the services on offer.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

Influential Software provides the most cost-effective licences for SAP Business By Design

SAP Business ByDesign: this scalable ERP cloud is for businesses with 20 employees up to 5,000, allowing you to track processes across finance, customer relationships, supply chains, and human resources. There are two deployment options, public cloud with minimum 20 users or private cloud with a minimum 200 users. Monthly subscription fees are based on three types of user, each with a different level of access to functionality: self-service, team, and enterprise.

Find out more about our SAP Business ByDesign licence sales.


SAP S/4HANA: the S/4HANA Business Suite is the next generation of SAP business tools, allowing you to optimise existing processes and identify new revenue streams.

Find out more about our SAP S/4HANA licence sales.

The three licence models are public cloud (SaaS), private cloud, and on-premise. In each case, the total cost depends on the number of employees who will be using which solutions within S/4HANA.

SAP Enterprise Management

SAP Business planning and consolidation


SAP Enterprise Information Management: these solutions include a range of licences for data consolidation, data compliance, data architecture planning, data integration, and more.

Find out more about our SAP Enterprise Information Management licence sales.


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: this tool comes in standard and embedded licences.

Find out more about our SAP Business Planning and Consolidation licence sales.

There are additional SAP BPC licences for S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, Microsoft Platform, and SAP Netweaver.

SAP Marketing Software Licences

Influential provides the most cost-effective licences for SAP Marketing Cloud.


SAP Marketing Cloud: this marketing suite provides real-time customer data to personalise your messaging throughout the customer journey.

Find out more about our SAP Marketing Cloud licence sales.

Marketing Data Management is the core of SAP Marketing Cloud, providing a single view of accounts, contacts, interactions, and target groups.

Additional modules include Marketing Insight, Marketing Segmentation, Marketing Recommendation, Marketing Planning, and Marketing Acquisition. Pricing varies depending on the number of modules selected.

SAP Human Resources Management

Influential Software's SAP Success Factors licensing options


SAP Success Factors: this suite contains tools to transform every aspect of your HR operations, so you can recruit, onboard, engage, reward, and retain the best human capital.

Find out more about our SAP HR licence sales.

Licensing is based on four packages:

  • Enterprise Package (contains all modules, including Recruitment, Onboarding, Employee Central, Learning Management, Performance, Succession, Compensation, Workforce Analytics, and Planning)
  • Talent Management Package
  • Advanced Learning Package
  • Perform and Rewards Package

Within each package, there are two possible user types:

  • Standard Use: these users have access to the cloud service, with the possibility of multiple contracts or roles
  • Functional Use: these users have data managed within the solution but limited or no access, including non-employees, former employees, and users with a limited employee relationship By combining the package with the desired type and number of users, you reach the basic licence price.

SAP Gold Partner Licences

Influential Software is an SAP Reseller with SAP Gold Partner and PCoE status.

As a long-time SAP Gold Partner and SAP reseller, Influential Software is in a position to provide the best cost-to-functionality ratio in SAP products.

We also offer a range of purchasing options that can lighten your initial expenditure, depending on the particular licence in question.

Acting as impartial consultants, Influential Software provides the objectivity your business needs when making software investments, as well as full services to ensure your software is perfectly configured and supported.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our SAP reseller team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased consultation
  • tailored services
  • competitive pricing