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Affordable HULFT Transfer Solutions

HULFT Transfer is one of the most adopted managed file transfer solutions.

Optimise your data transfers with HULFT’s proven benefits:

✔ transfer up to six times faster than FTP solutions

✔ protect your data with modern authentication and encryption

✔ accelerate management with a single platform for all transfers

✔ be agile with private and public cloud support

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As an established HULFT Partner, data agility is our mission.

We’ve helped UK businesses of all sizes transform their transfer systems.

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Fast and Efficient Data Transfer Features

Over 100,000 companies worldwide choose HULFT for their data transfer needs. Ensure fast, secure, and flexible transfers with HULFT Transfer.

Failure Recovery and Detection

With enhanced search capabilities, HULFT Transfer offers rapid flaw detection, helping you pinpoint the cause of error and reduce recovery time.

Script Execution Hooks

Gain supreme flexibility and control over your file transfers. Execute scripts before and after a transfer job, on the send or receive side (or both). Select and adjust user-configured tasks.

Automated Configurations

Use file triggers to detect file changes and invoke job transfer execution, and automate by time, group, or business requirements with the HULFT transfer scheduling mechanism.

Advanced Security

Configure encryption at the transfer job level, manage access, and use network DLP for the strongest security and compliance within the network.
• AES256 / HULFT proprietary encryption
• data loss detection and integrity monitoring
• prevention of unauthorized access and operation log output

High-Performance Compression Engine

Choose whether to use compression before transfer and decompression on successful delivery. All processes are in-memory for high performance.
• automatic optimisation of network transfer configuration
• configurable in-flight data verification via checksum
• detailed logging and error reporting
• automatic resume on fail

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Additional HULFT Products

Alongside managed file transfer, HULFT provides solutions for integration and data logistics.

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HULFT Integrate Licences | Buyalicence UK

HULFT Data Integration Licences

• integrate without changing existing systems

• accelerate integrations with a simple interface

• be flexible with over 50 data source adaptors

• build fast, unified integration architecture

HULFT Director Licences | Buyalicence UK

HULFT Data Logistics Licences

• bring data transfer and integration together

• scale to thousands of hosts as needed

• reduce training time with a responsive interface

• get real-time control of your data architecture

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Full Lifecycle HULFT Services

Accelerate your ROI with end-to-end consultancy and technical services.

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