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We sell cost-effective licences for IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM SPSS, and IBM Cognos Controller.

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IBM Planning Analytics Licensing

Buy IBM Licences & IBM Cognos Licences UK

Our IBM and Cognos teams use our partner status to sell the most cost-effective licences for:

IBM Planning Analytics: a single platform to automate planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis

IBM Planning Analytics Express: IBM Cognos Analytics plus Planning Analytics packaged for SMEs

IBM Cognos Analytics: an enterprise-grade solution for reporting, modelling, and analysis

IBM Cognos Express: the essential features of IBM Cognos Analytics in an SME-sized package

IBM Licences: Pricing & Functionality

There are three factors that affect the functionality and pricing of IBM licences:

  • Software solution: e.g. IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Express
  • Deployment option: on premise, cloud, hybrid
  • Licence model: perpetual or monthly subscription

Within these variables are important details such as user types, user numbers, number of employees, support services, and licence components. Given the multiple factors at play, businesses can get a real head start by contacting a trusted IBM partner to discuss their requirements.

IBM Reseller Services: Licences

IBM Planning Analytics Licences

IBM Planning Analytics, the 2018 release of Cognos TM1, automates planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis processes in a single platform while aligning perfectly with your cloud, on-premise, or hybrid hosting strategy.

Within IBM Planning Analytics, the two licence types are:

IBM Planning Analytics: on-premise or cloud-based, with unlimited scalability

IBM Planning Analytics Digital Pack: in the cloud, with up to 50 users

 IBM Planning Analytics Express Licences for SMEs

IBM Planning Analytics Express is a packaged combination of IBM Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics to form an integrated solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Besides the standard licence allowing up to 50 users, there is also an additional reporting option for up to 100 users, as well as non-production licence options.

IBM SPSS Licences

IBM SPSS includes two separate tools with their own licence options:

IBM SPSS Statistics: an integrated interface for descriptive statistics, regression, and advanced statistics

IBM SPSS Modeler: a data science tool and machine-learning tool for data preparation and discovery, predictive analytics, and more

Both on premise, IBM SPSS licences are available as a subscription and a traditional software licence.

IBM Cognos Analytics Licences

IBM Cognos Analytics is the enterprise-grade solution for reporting, modelling, analysis, dashboards, stories, and event management.

Licence types vary by size, ranging from minimum 25 to an unlimited number of users.

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud Licences

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud offers all the benefits of IBM Cognos Analytics, now available as SaaS in the cloud.

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud licences exist in three sizes, based on the number of servers required.

IBM Cognos Controller Licences

IBM Cognos Controller is a solution for automating and accelerating the financial close with minimal IT support.

Available both on cloud and on premise, IBM Cognos Controller licences range from 25 to unlimited users.

IBM Licences: IBM Partner Services

As one of the sector leaders for decades, IBM has a rapidly evolving portfolio of products and services, each with multiple licensing options.

Our IBM Partner and IBM Cognos Advanced Business Partner status is proof of our hands-on knowledge of IBM analytics solutions and what they can do in real life. With that experience, we bring the objectivity you need when making an IBM software investment.

In addition, we offer full services to make sure your software is perfectly configured and supported, so you get the maximum return.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our IBM reseller team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased IBM consulting
  • tailored IBM services
  • competitive IBM pricing