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Dell Boomi iPaaS: Integrate, Mediate, Hub, Exchange, Workflow

The Dell Boomi platform consists of five elements for integration, API management, Master Data Management, EDI, and workflow automation.

Dell Boomi Integrate: a cloud and hybrid iPaaS for applications and data. Users can connect to over 1,500 unique APIs, using a combination of application connectors and technology connectors.

Dell Boomi Mediate: this API management and design solution enables businesses to design, secure, and scale APIs, as well as connecting legacy systems and creating composite apps from multiple apps and sources.

Dell Boomi Hub: this Master Data Management (MDM) solution speeds up data transmission and provides a single version of the truth across your organisation.

Dell Boomi Exchange: this EDI/B2B management solution offers a real-time view of shipments, warehouses, and distribution, with instant connectivity to the latest cloud applications.

Dell Boomi Flow: this low-code development platform allows users to create customer journeys and automate simple and sophisticated workflows to efficiently drive business.

Scalable & Centralised: Dell Boomi Integration Licences

Dell Boomi empowers you to manage your end-to-end workflow within one unified platform.

With cloud connectivity and ease of use at the fore, Dell Boomi licences provide five clear benefits:

  • scalability to suit your needs and growth
  • lower risk and higher efficiency in integration through crowdsourcing
  • centralised synchronisation, consolidation, and governance of data across applications
  • modernises legacy applications and enables mobile strategy with APIs

Flexible Platform: Dell Boomi Licence Editions

Our Dell Boomi solutions are delivered with a simple monthly fee, or at a flexible rate for custom service packages.

The key Dell Boomi licences are:

  • Base Edition: starter solution for SMBs to integrate two applications
  • Professional Edition: for businesses looking to fully integrate their back- and front-offices
  • Pro Plus Edition: additional functionality to support real-time integration needs
  • Enterprise Edition: advanced features to support complex enterprise needs
  • Enterprise Plus Edition: advanced features and connectivity to support large enterprise needs

Every Influential Software package for Dell Boomi contains:

  • Connections between on-premise and cloud apps or data sources
  • Visual designer
  • Comprehensive data transformation
  • Basic workflow
  • Access to the entire connector network
  • Unlimited users
  • Boomi Suggest: uses the collective intel of the Boomi community to perform quick data mapping
  • Boomi Assure: a regression testing framework that ensures pre-testing and support in future
  • Boomi Resolve: provides error resolution from the Boomi community knowledge base
  • Free upgrades: 11 per year

Dell Boomi Licences: UK Partner Services

Dell Boomi Advanced Partner | Implementation | Buy Dell Boomi Licences from UK Partners Influential Software

It takes an expert eye to identify and support the optimal Dell Boomi licences for each business case.

Our Dell Boomi partner status is evidence of our hands-on knowledge of Dell Boomi solutions and how they operate in real life. As UK partners, we are also ideally placed to pass on the most cost-effective options for each licence type.

Acting as impartial consultants, Influential Software provides the objectivity your business needs when making software investments.

In addition, we offer full services to make sure your software is perfectly configured and supported, so you get the maximum return.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our Dell Boomi licences team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased consultation
  • tailored services
  • competitive pricing

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