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Adaptive Insights Licences & Services

Best-Value Adaptive Insights Licences UK


Tailored to You: Adaptive Insights Licence Options

Influential Software provides Adaptive Insights licences on a subscription basis that varies in price according to:

  • Package type: Planning or Planning and Analytics
  • Additional product options
  • How many seats, of what type
  • How many systems for automated data integration
  • Length of the contract

By looking at each of these variables, we can adjust Adaptive Insights solutions to suit both large enterprises and SMEs.

Planning & Analytics: Adaptive Insights Licences

Adaptive Insights Financial Planning and Analytics Licence

  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • management
  • ad-hoc reporting and analytics
  • variance analysis
  • process management
  • transaction management
  • OfficeConnect board reporting
  • visual analytics and dashboards
  • single sign-on

Adaptive Insights Financial Planning Licence

  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • management
  • ad-hoc reporting and analytics
  • variance analysis and process management
  • transaction management
  • single sign-on

with optional upgrades to add:

  • OfficeConnect board reporting
  • visual analytics
  • dashboards


Flexible & Integrated: Adaptive Insights Licences

Consolidation: consolidates data from General Ledger sources, inter-company eliminations, journal entry management, partial ownership, reclassifications, and close process task management to automate processes, as well as financial and management reporting on consolidated results

Operational Analytics: includes operational data from across the enterprise into visual analytics, while using intuitive dashboards and interactive analysis to allow broad analysis for quick strategic decisions

Integration: provides both on-premise and cloud-based, automated integration with ERP, CRM, HCM, databases, and other enterprise applications

Planning Domains: sets up, links, and manages more than one Adaptive Insights planning domain for an integrated and comprehensive model of a business containing multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous organisations

Adaptive Insights Licences: UK Partner Services

Our Adaptive Insights partner status is evidence of our expertise in how these CPM solutions work for businesses in real life. As partners, we are also ideally placed to provide licences at the most cost-effective prices.

Acting as impartial consultants, Influential Software provides the objectivity your business needs when making software investments.

In addition, we offer full services to make sure your software is perfectly configured and supported, so you get the maximum return.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our Adaptive Insights licence team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased consultation
  • tailored services
  • competitive pricing

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