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Adaptive Insights Licences | Best-Value Partner | Buyalicence UK
Adaptive Insights Licensing | Best-Value Partner | Buyalicence UK

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Our Adaptive Insights licence team enables you to:

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Adaptive Insights Licensing Factors

Adaptive Insights licences work on a predictable, transparent subscription.

Our licence experts will find the best-value solution for your needs, according to the following factors:



Choose between Planning and Analytics or Planning packages.



Add features for consolidation, integration, and more.



Select the number and type of seats needed for your users.



Decide which systems to connect with automated data integration.



Determine the length of your Adaptive Insights contract, one year or more.

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Adaptive Insights Licensing Packages

Planning and Analytics

This package includes: budgeting, forecasting, management and ad hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis, process management, transaction management, OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics and dashboards, and single sign-on.


This package includes: budgeting, forecasting, management and ad hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis and process management, transaction management, and single sign-on. You can upgrate to add OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics, and dashboards.

Unsure which package you need? Ask for advice.

Add-On Options


Allow users to review and analyse their data faster. Consolidate data from multiple General Ledger sources, inter-company eliminations, journal entry management, partial ownership, reclassifications, and close process task management to automate your processes.

Operational Analytics

Expand visual analytics with the inclusion of operational data from across the enterprise, beyond planning and consolidated financials, in dashboards. Intuitive visual dashboards and interactive analysis allows broad sharing of business metrics.


Automate integration with ERP, CRM, HCM, databases, and other enterprise applications, in the cloud or on premises. Use connectors for virtually any system or database, at any time during or after implementation. Choose individual connectors or an unlimited option.

Sales Territory Management

This package is an optional add-on to Sales Quota & Capacity Planning. It adds territory management, including territory segmentation and optimisation, territory assignment, and data integration with CRM and marketing automation systems.

Planning Domains

A planning domain is a self-contained model including everything to plan, report, and analyse a business or specific functional area of a business, such as sales. Create multiple planning domains for an integrated, comprehensive model of a business comprised of multiple organisations.

Seat Types

Full Seats

Allow your user administrator to assign user roles and permissions, including business users, financial model builders, and security administrators. Full Seat users can:
• enter and save data on planning sheets
• create, view, and share web-based reports
• get unlimited access to eLearning
• create, view, and share OfficeConnect board reports
• create, view, and share dashboards and visual analytics (with the Planning and Analytics package)

Contributor Seats

Contributor Seat users can:
• enter and save data on planning sheets
• create, view and share web-based reports
• participate fully in workflow and process management
• get unlimited access to eLearning.
• access OfficeConnect
• create, view, and share dashboards and visual analytics (with the Planning and Analytics package)

View Seats

Use View Seats to enable broad, organisation-wide participation in an active planning process. 
View Seat users can:
• view planning sheets (budgets, forecasts, workforce plans)
• view reports
create and save personal reports
• view dashboards and visual analytics
• create and save personal dashboards (with the Planning and Analytics package)
drill down from reports and can use cell explorer

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