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Bespoke MuleSoft Licensing Solutions

Tailor Anypoint Platform to suit your integration goals with custom add-ons.

Ask our MuleSoft experts to create custom licences with the following options:

✔ MuleSoft premium connectors

✔ Anypoint security solutions

✔ private cloud edition

✔ API management and analytics

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As an established MuleSoft Partner, business integration is our mission.

We’ve helped UK organisations of all sizes connect their systems.

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MuleSoft Premium Connectors Add-On

MuleSoft provides over 160 Select connectors as standard with Anypoint Base Subscription.

Any further connections must be made with optional Premium connectors.

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Unsure of your connection needs? Get expert advice.

MuleSoft API Management | Best Value | Buyalicence UK

API Management Add-On

 There is now a single add-on for API management and analytics, within the Anypoint Management Centre.

This add-on has no limits on API traffic or API Portal use.

API Management

This optional feature for Anypoint Platform allows you to:

  • proxy current services or secure new APIs with a management gateway
  • add or remove prebuilt or custom policies at runtime with no downtime
  • deliver access management through tiered SLAs
  • control access for individual clients or entire teams with OAuth and SAML
  • set alerts and respond proactively to mitigate policy and SLA violations

API Analytics

Use the all-in-one API analytics solution to:

  • gain real-time insights into API performance, usage, and errors
  • create and manage custom dashboards and charts
  • provide API metrics to the consumers of your APIs
  • identify and analyse root cause of errors to recover quickly and prevent future issues

Get a quote on MuleSoft API solutions.

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Anypoint Platform: Additional Elements

As well as the add-ons above, Anypoint Platform offers a range of options for security, messaging, local requirements, infrastructure management, and more.

• Anypoint MQ

Perform advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios such as queueing and pub/sub with fully hosted and managed cloud message queues and exchanges.

• Anypoint Security: Edge

Use Edge Security to construct multiple layers of defence with rapidly configured, policy-driven perimeter gateways. Easily isolate compromised nodes behind hardened, dedicated chokepoints. 

• Anypoint Security: Tokenisation

Anypoint Security Tokenisation allows you to substitute a sensitive data element – such as Primary Account Numbers (PAN) – with a non-sensitive equivalent.

• Dedicated Load Balancer

CloudHub features a backend load-balancing service designed to automate the provisioning of infrastructure components. You can use this service to deploy one or more dedicated load-balancers within a Virtual Private Cloud.

• Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition

Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition enables you to run and manage Mule applications on your local servers, using the security policies your system requires.

• EU Control Plane

MuleSoft hosts a version of the Anypoint Platform control plane entirely within the EU. This enables you to deploy and manage your APIs, applications, and related data inside the European Union.

Ask an expert for use-specific details.

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Full Lifecycle MuleSoft Services

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