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Agile Enterprise Integration Software

Dell Boomi Integrate is a cloud-native, high-productivity integration solution.

Be ready to thrive in the digital era with Integrate’s proven benefits:

✔ unlock data silos with all-to-all integration

✔ cut integration time with low-code tools

✔ deploy flexibly in public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem

✔ simplify management with a single platform

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Licence Scale: Dell Boomi Integrate Editions

Dell Boomi Integrate is available in five editions – each for differing workloads and use cases.

Base Edition

Designed for SMEs wanting to integrate two applications.

Professional Edition

Integrates multiple applications across your back- and front-office.

Pro Plus Edition

Supports real-time integration with additional functionality.

Enterprise Edition

Meets complex enterprise needs with advanced capabilities.

Enterprise Plus Edition

Ideal for large enterprises in need of advanced connectivity.

Unsure which edition you need? See the features below.

Dell Boomi Editions Features


✔ = included in monthly fee
£ = available at additional cost

Features / Edition Base Professional Pro Plus Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Standard Features*
Multiple Environments (Prod / Test) n/a
Advanced Workflow n/a
Services Enablement n/a £
Atom Worker / Test Atom Worker n/a £ 1/1 2/2 2/2
Parallel Processing n/a £ £
Advanced Security n/a £ £
Message Queuing n/a £ £ £
Standard Connectors (Prod / Test) n/a 5/5 7/7 10/20 15/30
Enterprise Connectors n/a £ £ 1/2 2/4
Boomi Atom Cloud Attachments (Prod / Test) n/a n/a 1/1 2/2 2/2
Standard Support
Premier Support n/a £ £ £ £
Premier Plus Support n/a n/a n/a £ £

*See Standard Features below.

Dell Boomi

Standard Features

The features on the right are present across all Dell Boomi Integrate Editions.

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Connect to on-premises and cloud apps / data sources

It’s easy to integrate any combination of on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications and data sources.

Visual designer

The web-based visual process designer has a configuration-based, drag-and-drop interface with no need for coding.

Comprehensive data transformation

Convert data between XML, flat file data (simple and hierarchical), database data, and EDI data.

Basic workflow

Use your web browser to design simple orchestrations. You can see data move through your orchestration, highlighting which steps work and which fail.

Access to entire connector network

Anyone from the community can access any connector built on AtomSphere.

Unlimited users

Build, use, and deploy integrations with as many users as you need.

Boomi Suggest

Cut integration time with a smart integration engine that draws on the collective intelligence of the Dell Boomi community.

Boomi Assure

Ensure pre-testing and support in future Dell Boomi releases with a regression testing framework that allows users to submit test data from their integration processes.

Boomi Resolve

Find fast resolutions to potential errors with articles in the Boomi user community knowledge base, indexed with Boomi Atomsphere error messages.

Free upgrades

Boomi provides 11 updates per year, ensuring you always have the cutting edge.

Dell Boomi Platform: Additional Licences

Alongside the central Integrate solution, the Dell Boomi Platform features four optional add-ons: Hub, Exchange, Mediate, and Flow.

Follow the icons to see more.

Dell Boomi Hub Licences | Best Value | Buyalicence


Master data management to synchronise and enrich trusted data.

Dell Boomi Exchange Licences | Best Value | Buyalicence


deploy, and manage traditional EDI and newer Web services.

Dell Boomi Mediate Licences | Best Value | Buyalicence


manage and enrich APIs through their entire lifecycle.

Dell Boomi Flow Licences | Best Value | Buyalicence


A low-code development platform to create customer journeys and automate workflows.

Dell Boomi Services | Best Value | Buyalicence

Full Lifecycle Dell Boomi Services

Accelerate your ROI with end-to-end consultancy and technical services.

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