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Leverage your valuable content within Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange with best-value Metalogix licences. Boost your ROI with partner advice and optional services.

We sell cost-effective licences for Metalogix migration, admin, backup, strategy, sync, and storage solutions.

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Metalogix Licences & Services

Best-Value Metalogix Licences UK

Metalogix Licences for SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange

Metalogix is a suite of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange. These solutions cover eight key functions, each of which contains tools with their own licences:

  • Migration: Content Matrix and Essentials for Office 365 Archive: Archive Manager Files Edition, and Archive Manager Exchange Edition
  • Admin: Metalogix ControlPoint, and Metalogix Diagnostic Manager
  • Backup: Metalogix SharePoint Backup, Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager, and Metalogix RestorePoint
  • Strategy: Metalogix Expert Cloud:
  • Sync: Metalogix Replicator
  • Storage: Metalogix StoragePoint

Because each licence, or combination of Metalogix licences, can be provided with a bespoke range of Influential Software services – from consultation to customisation, implementation, support, and training – the pricing is highly individual for each use scenario.

Metalogix Migration Licences

Content Matrix: the multi-purpose content migration and consolidation tool, with full support for one-hop migrations from any source to any destination.

Essentials for Office 365: an intuitive UI for migrating to Office 365 from multiple sources, such as SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, personal drives, and file shares.

Metalogix Archive Manager Licences

Archive Manager Files Edition: an enterprise-level solution with automatic archiving, management, and security capabilities.

Archive Manager Exchange Edition: one of the most effective tools available for accessibility, search capabilities, and automatic management in archiving email.

Metalogix Administration Licences

Metalogix ControlPoint: allows you to automate the identification, management, and remediation of sensitive content with robust user features.

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager: automates tasks such as troubleshooting server performance, SQL optimisation, and network connectivity.

Metalogix Backup Licences

Metalogix SharePoint Backup: this solution automates backup projects, making them faster and more frequent to protect against data loss.

Metalogix RestorePoint: seeks and retrieves corrupted, old, lost, or overwritten content, making it easy to restore directly from database backups.

Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager: uses advanced Machine Learning to gain higher accuracy in the detection of sensitive content.

Metalogix Expert Licences

Metalogix Expert: this analysis tool provides the insights needed to create a SharePoint plan for your migration, optimise storage, and protect against security risks.

Metalogix Licences grants visibility and control over all your clouds – such as Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and Google for Work – from a single, intuitive interface.

Metalogix Replicator Licences

Metalogix Replicator: provides constant uptime, even with limited bandwidth, and allows teams to collaborate on synchronised content, wherever they are.

Metalogix StoragePoint Licences

Metalogix StoragePoint: this Remote Blob Storage (RBS) solution provides flexible storage while remaining compliant and cost-effective.

Metalogix Licences: UK Software Partner Services

Our Metalogix partner status demonstrates our knowledge of how these solutions can optimise your business processes. We are also ideally placed to pass on competitive pricing options for Metalogix licences.

Acting as impartial consultants, Influential Software provides the objectivity your business needs when making software investments.

In addition, we offer full services to make sure your software is perfectly configured and supported, so you get the maximum return.

With 25 years of experience and proven expertise, our Metalogix licence team prides itself on three things:

  • unbiased consultation
  •  tailored services
  • competitive pricing

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